10 Clever, Creative and Unexpected Storage Ideas for Apartment Dwellers

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Below we’ve rounded up 10 clever, creative and unexpected storage ideas that you can put into action in your apartment right now.

1. The ceiling ↑

Let’s start from the top. Architects and developers aren’t the only ones who can advantage of air rights. Overheard storage is the perfect place to keep items you don’t often use out of the way—this means tools, seasonal decor, and even your bike if you only ride in the summer. Cubbies or shelving can work for books, journals and keepsake items. And here’s a tip from one of our Msqft features: hang your pots on a rack from the ceiling.

2. Above doors ↑

Bet you never thought about this one: the empty wall space above your bathroom door. Install shelving to store surplus items like tissue paper and toilet paper. This is also a great spot to safely stow cleaning products if you have mini residents who like to get into cabinets and closets.

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