10 creative storage ideas to declutter and get organised

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These simple space-saving storage solutions will keep your home, bedroom and bathroom clean and clutter-free.

Clean, minimalist spaces are easy on the eye, and organised spaces make for calmer, more focused minds. Repurposing existing furniture or installing small pieces can transform your home, and if you have a budget, invest in ready-made multifunctional furniture to save space.

1. Embrace ottomans

This multifunctional piece is eye-catching, functional and an easy DIY storage solution if you have a free afternoon. Ottomans with wheels can be moved around easily whenever you have a change of heart or need to make the most of a small space.

2. Eliminate your last-minute outfit dumping ground

We all do it – a speedy outfit change five minutes before rushing out the door, leaving a pile of discarded clothes on your chair or bed. Install hooks on the outside of your wardrobe or wherever you get dressed and eliminate the mess.

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