10 Genius Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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When square footage is at a premium, it can feel as though storage solutions will only present themselves with the assistance of magic (if you don’t want to get rid of all your stuff, that is). But thanks to the tiny home movement, no wands or wizards need to be called upon—storage ideas for small spaces are in greater supply than ever. Yes, some require a handyman—the power of a well-made built-in cannot be overstated—but others don’t require more than a rearrangement. Below, we’ve rounded up ten particularly smart and easily adaptable storage ideas for small spaces from the book Small Homes Grand Living, coming June 8 from Gestalten.

1. Shelf Dividers

If your small space is a studio, you might be trying to find inventive ways to delineate the bed “room” from the living “room” without putting up a wall. Stacking crates or even floating an open shelving unit will provide you with extra space to stash things while you’re at it.

2. Wall-Mounted Seating

If your lease or budget permit it, install a floating bench-shelf low along a wall, or have one fashioned from an inexpensive material like plywood and mounted the way BY Architects did in the room below. Seating that doesn’t clutter floor space? Check.

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