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When living in small places like a yacht we need to be inventive when it comes to our storage solutions. On many occasions we need to store goods that will last us for many months while we cruise remote areas. Yachts have very awkward storage shapes and sizes that don’t ever seem to be square. But if we are creative in how we use these spaces we can surprisingly fit an amazing amount of items. The key is to stay organised with a system so you remember where and when items were stored.

1. Roll instead of fold.

In a home that hasn’t got one square cupboard, folding towels and fitted sheets into these spaces is a chore in itself. So why not roll your linens? Just as it does in a suitcase, the rolling method creates more space and you do not have to worry about these items not fitting correctly. We store them grouped together eg: Vberth, aft cabin.

2. Did we mention baskets?

Placing like items in baskets will add extra space to every shelf. Also, placing small items in a basket or an under shelf crate will maximise your shelf area. Sorting and separating will keep you organised when you store in attractive bins. In the head cupboards we have a number of small stackable baskets that keep items organised.

We have hanging soft baskets for those everyday needs, quick grab and go solution. We also use baskets for extra provisions require for long Passages. And my all time favourite is “the where is is basket” this is located in the cockpit. It holds sunglasses, reading glasses, phones, iPads, books or anything else that seems to be laying around. If you leave it laying around too long it always ends up in “the where is it box”

Stackable baskets for the heads keeps things organised.

Extra Storage baskets for long haul provisioning.

Soft rope hanging baskets serve for everyday needs.

A wasted space above a locker now holds hats in a secured basket.

An open shelf is never secure. Use storage boxes that you have secured to the shelf of extra storage.

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