12 garage storage ideas for every budget

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From handy cabinets, to streamline shelving and overhead options, we take a look at some great ways to stow away all the clutter that ends up in the garage

While many convert their garages into extra living space, there are those of us who prefer to retain them for their intended purpose – a place to park the car. With off-road parking adding value (and convenience) to a property, it makes sense to keep your garage as a garage if you don’t desperately need more rooms.

But as many of us find, the garage not only becomes a home for your car, but also a whole host of other items. Bikes, ski gear, tools and even the Christmas decs can all find themselves jumbled in the back of a dusty garage.

Which is why being organised is essential. So, here are some garage storage solutions to help you take your garage from a cluttered mess to the pinnacle of tidiness.


Get everything up off the floor with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Open garage storage systems (using moveable brackets on fixed runners) can store everything you need, and maximise every last inch of space.

Elfa’s customisable shelving systems include different types of storage for hanging, stacking and hiding things away. They also offer a pegboard style wall panel to hold all manner of objects. Elfa storage systems can be designed to specification so prices will vary, but a similar array to the one seen below would cost in the region of £650.

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