13 Incredible storage ideas where you least expect to find them

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If you’re struggling to find space in your home, you might find more than you thought possible after reading this article—with storage solutions for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and for the kids!

Storage ideas for every room in the house

1. Make use of plinth space

The space behind the plinths of fitted kitchen units is completely wasted. Fit handles and magnetic catches to each plinth panel, then you can take them off to store or retrieve seldom-used things like trays or outsize roasting dishes.

Alternatively, fit shallow drawers in the space if your cupboards have solid sides rather than standing on adjustable legs. Mount the drawers on runners fixed to the sides of the unit and use the old plinth panels to form the fronts of the drawers.

2, Turn to obtain

Where kitchen base units run round a corner, the storage space inside is very awkward to get at. Fitting 180º or 270º revolving shelves—called carousels—in the corner units allows you to reach whatever is stored inside, with ease.

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