13 space saving garden storage ideas

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There is no denying that a shed can be an ideal place to store all your garden paraphernalia. Sheds are great. We all love a shed. But if you are tired of risking life and limb clambering into the depths of said shed just to find your secateurs or if you don’t want to use up precious outdoor space with an outbuilding, there are plenty of alternative storage solutions to enhance space in your garden and keep it clutter free.


Whether you have a small balcony or an entire garden, a garden storage box or garden storage bench is perfect for keeping all of your gardening tools handy.

If you are looking for storage that will blend in among the flora and fauna, the rustic feel and the light wash of the Aldsworth storage box would fit seamlessly into a corner or against a wall.


Not everything in your garden needs to be hidden away. Maybe the bulky lawnmower or the tangled hose pipe is best stowed out of sight, but small items like trowels, twine and watering cans can be used to create visual interest in a sheltered side return or by the back door.

Shelves or ladder style shelving, such as The Aldsworth Shelf Ladder from Garden Trading, can be both a beautiful and practical way to store all your gardening bits and bobs.

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