15 Dorm Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

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Going to college means taking everything you’ve gathered up in the last 18 years and trying to move and store it in a space twice as big as you’re used to. It’s not easy. You’ve got clothes spilling out of that tiny closet and school supplies covering your desk space without anywhere to go. It’s hard and your space is limited, so you’ve got to do all you can to maximize what you’ve got and utilize every little bit. These 15 dorm storage ideas can help you figure how.

1. Wall Storage

Because dorm rooms are so small, you’ll be smart to make good use of the empty walls. Hang hats and jewelry or even use a simple hack like this one to hang extra baskets you’ll be grateful to have around once all your drawers quickly fill up. A great option for dorm storage ideas, use your wall space to your advantage!

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2. Lofting Your Bed

Lofting your bed is the smartest dorm room storage move you can make. It frees up so much extra space for drawers and compartments you desperately need, but wouldn’t be able to fit in your room if your bed was closer to the floor. Plus, if you loft your bed high enough, nearly any sort of storage container can fit underneath, allowing for tons of possibilities.

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