20 Genius Makeup Storage Ideas That Will Change Your Life

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Because we all have WAY too much makeup. 

There is nothing wrong with being a makeup collector btw – those beauty products help beautify your look. However, makeup mess can be a serious problem in your vanity. That’s why you obviously need some effective solutions to tackle it. So I have gathered makeup storage ideas for a beauty junkie like you.

20. DIY Sushi Mat Holder

I bet that you really like playing with various makeup brushes. Then, this DIY project will be exciting for you. Just purchase the sushi mat, elastic fabric band, glue, button, glue gun, and scissors. After that, thread fabric band between your sushi’s slits and weave the brushes in. Apply some glue to the fabric band and create the button.


  • Very easy to make.
  • Not a time-consuming project.
  • Super handy makeup organizer.
  • Really affordable


  • Can’t hold lots of large makeup brushes.

19. Bead Organizer

If you have a retro bead organizer, you can totally repurpose it. Collect all your pot eyeshadows and store them neatly in the bead organizer.


  • Easily accessible.
  • Super cheap.


  • Does not look stylish.
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