25 Smart Storage Ideas For Tiny Bedrooms

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Many of us live in big cities, and that often means small apartments and lack of space. Have a small bedroom? Not a problem, you can handle it! Even the tiniest bedroom can have enough space for storing all your things, and I’ll show you how to accommodate everything.

Built-In Bedroom Storage

Built-in ideas are right what you need if your bedroom is really small. Build in some storage cabinets around your bed, make them with doors to avoid cluttering the space. You can also build in some cabinets around the window or around the door, close to the ceiling. Such built-in cabinets accommodate a lot of things.

built-in bed-surrounding storage and a narrow shelf above the bed

built-in storage cabinets are ideal for tiny bedrooms

in-wall storage compartments and built-in storage around the bed

built-in wardrobes and a platform bed with drawers

storage cabinets surrounding the window and a couple of open shelves

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