5 Clever (and Easy!) Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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While many people love the idea of a spacious and relaxing bedroom, in so many modern homes, space is at a premium. You may be struggling with the balance between keeping all your beloved items, from your wardrobe to book collection, and having a neat and tidy sanctuary. Fortunately, you can squeeze more space out of your room, no matter its size, with some of the following clever and simple small bedroom storage ideas.

1. Make Use of Under-the-Bed Space

One of the best small bedroom storage ideas is to make use of the space under your bed (and is a particularly great solution if you have a small bedroom without a closet). The area under the bed is often neglected, and usually ends up only being a home for dust bunnies. However, under your bed can be the perfect place to store less frequently used items, like seasonal clothing, sports equipment, and extra sheets and blankets.

You can now buy different configurations of bed which have cupboards or drawers built in. If this is not feasible, you can always use plastic storage crates or boxes to keep everything neat and tidy, or try your hand at a homemade design. In the picture above, the homeowner transformed a simple wooden drawer into a convenient storage solution by adding casters for easy, rolling access.

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