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Creams are semi-solid emulsion usually prepared for skin application. From medicated to pharmaceutical products to beauty creams, creams are used in a variety of skin conditions. People use creams for the skin care as they can clean, protect and moisturize the skin. So, it is important to choose the perfect packaging for creams as these are skin care products and require great care. You should choose high quality cream boxes that are visually appealing and secure the product. Mostly, creams come in jars so cream storage boxes with lids will be a perfect packaging solution. Suchcustom cream boxes keep the cream or skin care products secure and offer easy opening and convenience to the consumers.

The cream storage boxes with lids are durable and can be divided into categories, the one with attached lid and another is cream storage boxes with detachable lids. Both of these types are perfect, but most of the companies prefer to use the cream packaging boxes with lids. It is suggested to use custom cream boxes that build your brand identity and make a statement with your product. Consider these 7 creative ideas to design perfect cream storage boxes with lids for your brand.

1. Double Sided Print

Printed cream boxes not only enhance the visual appeal of the product, but they can also give the consumers a fully branding unboxing experience. There are so many designs and options when it comes to printing cream boxes. Many cream companies focus on the exterior and try to design a packaging that attracts the customer’s eye, but ignore the internal side of the box. Think about the unboxing experience and personalize your cream packaging boxes that can give a good unboxing experience to your customers. So, it is suggested to choose double sided printed cream boxes that will add more interest in the packaging.

2. Packing Box With Window Lid

If you want to surprise your consumers with packaging then a gift like packaging will be perfect. Use packing box with window lids to give a clear upper view of your cream or skin care product. The square packing box having a detachable and clear lid looks beautiful and add more value to the product. Just with a little creativity like adding a bow or tie the box with ribbon, your cream gift box or packaging will be sure to impress your customers and give them memorable unboxing experience as well.

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