5 storage space ideas for small spaces

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As HDB and condo apartments in Singapore get smaller, we need to get smarter when furnishing our homes by thinking of the end rather than the start when interior designing. Looking 5 years forward to imagine all the items that one will accumulate with new additions to the family and as we purchase more things with each pay check. Ample storage space will be crucial to ensure that our home will still look neat and immaculate in 5 years to come. Therefore, here are 10 hidden storage spaces ideas you can work with your interior designer to get built into your new apartment for an organised home in the future.

5 Storage Space Ideas For Your New HDB or Condo

1. Use Your Staircase as Storage Space

If you are one of the lucky ones with a high ceiling like in a loft apartment, you can utilise the bottom of your staircase for storage space. The most sensible type of storage for your staircase are ones that are close to your daily “activities” as per your home layout. If your kitchen is adjacent to your staircase, it will make sense to place your kitchen storage there. If your staircase is near the entrance of your home, a shoe storage will be idea. You can even build in a hide away stool for your family to don on their shoes easily before they leave the house.

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