7 Functional Kitchen Storage Ideas for Your Next Remodel

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One of the biggest complaints people have about their kitchens is that there just isn’t enough storage space. Even in a small space, efficient and creative storage options can make your kitchen cabinets worthy of the best chef. Here are some creative yet functional storage ideas to keep in mind for your next kitchen update.

1. Open Shelving

If you are pressed for space or have a kitchen brimming with character you’d like to show off, consider open or floating shelves. Not only could this save you some cash on replacing your kitchen cabinets, it allows unique features like brick walls to shine through — and you get to display your favorite dishes — while maximizing storage space.

2. Maximize Space

Well-designed kitchens offer plenty of simple but creative ways to maximize your space. Crank up a corner space with a lazy susan or swing out shelves. Utilize often-wasted space near the floor with toe-kick drawers to store those items you don’t use every day. Let your design build firm help in selecting the best storage solutions for your space.

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