7 laundry storage ideas to steal from Ikea

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The laundry may be one of the most overlooked rooms at home, but a well-organised laundry is an thing of beauty. The Ikea laundry manages to squeeze in a lot of stuff, yet it’s always well-organised, accessible and attractive.

Here are seven clever storage – and style – ideas you can take away from Ikea laundries.

1. Hang a curtain

Shower curtains are inexpensive but they can be pulled across quickly to create different zones or to hide dirty laundry.

2. Use hooks

Utilise every space available, including inside cupboards or the back of a door. Hooks can be used for storing and displaying all kinds of things, including clothes, tools and bags.

3. Make use of the walls

Ironing boards and drying racks take up a lot of real estate in a laundry. Install a drying rack in the space above an appliance or sink.

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