9 Innovative Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

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Having adequate storage in your kitchen is important for keeping the room organised and tidy. It also helps in making your cooking space look clean and stylish. Kitchen storage plays a huge part in how practical and functional your kitchen is. Effective storage solutions make your kitchen space a joy to cook in, no matter what size kitchen you have.

Whether you are having a brand new kitchen installed or are looking at replacing your kitchen doors or units, here is our list of eight innovative kitchen storage ideas.

1. Corner drawers

The corners of kitchens are one of the least utilised spaces. This makes them one of the biggest missed storage opportunities in the home. With kitchen corner storage, you will be able to add more space for all of your pots, pans and appliances. Having hidden storage in the corner units will keep everything tidied away with ease. It will also allow your kitchen to retain a designer look.

2. Built in pantry shelving

If you have a narrow space available between units or appliances, why not have larder storage installed? Within this shelving unit, it can act as a food storage space to place your dry goods in. This shelving unit will keep your kitchen tidy as well as giving you a unique storage space. You might even fit a spice rack in there!

3. Kitchen island

The kitchen island is a great place for eating, drinking and meeting within your home. Did you know it can also be a great place for storage? By creating shelves underneath, you could place all of your cookery books and even a wine rack. Perhaps you could use the shelves for an easy to reach place to find your ingredients during cooking.

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