9 Innovative Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

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4. Storage above the cupboards

On top of every kitchen cabinet, is a space waiting to be used for storage. It is a space that is quite often overlooked but it can be used to store various items. If there are appliances or kitchenware that you use infrequently, store them on top. This will free up vital space in your cupboards for kitchen equipment you use more often.

5. Hidden drawers

Cupboard storage spaces can be modified to create even more storage space. Taller cupboards have a lot of space that could be utilised effectively by adding kitchen drawers. Use kitchen shelf packs to create more storage for your bowls, tupperware and other kitchenware.

6. Open shelving

Storage does not have to mean hiding everything away. Why not have your kitchen supplies showcased throughout the room? You could build floating shelves or other open surfaces to create most innovative of visual effects – it will also make things easy to access. Bare walls are perfect for this, giving the area a bit of life. If you have an island, you can push your creativity and add an open shelf underneath for extra storage.

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