9 Smart storage ideas for small spaces

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One of the revelations of living in a small home is that choosing less square footage doesn’t mean you necessarily have to make do with less, just that you need to be super smart about how you organise the space you do have. And, once you go into “storage genius” mode, it tends to have a ripple effect – many tiny homes end up with as much usable storage area as places with a larger footprint, thanks to the space-savvy residents. Here are a few small space storage secrets that will come in handy no matter the size of your home…let’s learn from the masters!

A classic hideaway storage solution does double duty in this 300 square feet space. These crisp and stylish storage ottomans hide away plenty and tuck neatly under a floating shelf for seating that is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

Urban living often means two things: small spaces and bike-friendly commutes. This photo shows how an (admittedly adorable) mode of transportation can also serve as interior decoration, while not taking up any valuable floor real estate. When in doubt, hang it up!

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