9 stylish storage ideas for kids’ rooms

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Embrace the curated clutter movement and incorporate kids’ toys and artwork into the styling of their room.

Have you ever wondered how to store all your kids’ toys in a practical, yet fun and stylish way? If it seems as though their pile of playthings is growing by the day, and their artworks need a special place to be displayed with pride, then look to these 10 bedrooms that have made peace with kid clutter by incorporating it into the design and styling of the room.

See our clever kids’ storage solutions for even more fun and stylish ways to keep toys, clothes, artwork and other items out of the way when not in use.

Clear perspex wall boxes showcase special finds in this Scandi-style cottage in Sydney.

In-built, open-shelving, can be a great way to ensure items have a place on display (and out of the way). 

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