Incredible City-Living Storage Ideas For Kids Rooms

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It can be tricky to manage the space in your home when you have new kids in your life. We picked our favorite stylish storage ideas for kids that is perfect for city living and small spaces. From playtime to slumber time, her are some great items that keep your children safe and their things stored!


1. A desk, a dresser, a bookshelf and a loft!   

A unique design good for small children into older years. The lofted twin bed has a fun feel and the space is a smart arrangement that feature paces for clothes, books, and a roll-out desk for homework! Made with Brazilian pine wood.

2. A daybed for a creative kid!

Another wooden bookcase option with a ton of storage that has the feeling of a young explorer. It features European glide drawers and shelf space for youngsters to show off their favorite worldly trinkets and other items they’ve been collecting.

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